In today’s fast-paced world, having the best washing machine under 20000 for the home is a necessity.

With a diverse and dynamic geography such as India, finding the best washing machine that meets your criteria and specific needs is a challenge. There are established brands that boast advanced features and innovative models in the market.

In this article, we have assessed the best washing machine under 20000 to buy online in India. The list has been carefully curated considering their features, technology, performance, durability & and affordability. Whether you seek high-level performance, eco-friendly design, or the latest technology or budget-friendly option we have got you covered.  

Buying Guide for the Best Washing Machine Under 20000 in India

The Washing machine significantly impacts energy efficiency, water consumption, and the longevity of clothes. Buying makes it a crucial decision that directly influences household chores and environmental sustainability. Hence, selecting a suitable washing machine is of paramount importance.

Our detailed best washing machine under 20000 in India buying guide will help you to simplify your decision.

We’ve considered user reviews, expert opinions, and key features to ensure that you can make an informed choice that suits your needs.
So, say hello to hassle-free washing for your sweet home.

1. Type of Washing machine.

It is important to know which type of washing machine is suitable for your needs. This point is very critical in selection. All types have their advantages & disadvantages. Basically, there are 2 types of washing machines as listed below. 

A. Semi-automatic washing machine. 

This type of washing machine is very common in Indian households. These are much cheaper and easy to handle models.

As the name suggests, they are semi automatic in nature & need manual intervention for laundry.

It is available only in top load format & equipped with two drums. One drum for washing & the other is for drying.

You need to fill in the water, put on your clothes & start the machine. Once washing is done, drain settings are applied to remove used water. The second step is to transfer washed clothes to the drying tub. The materials used are plastic for the body and tubs for making it cheaper for manufacturers.

Who should buy semi-automatic washing machine?

You may consider to buy Semi automatic washing machine if you have following criteria.

  • Limited budget in hand. Specifically below Rs 15000.
  • Continous water cannot be provided.
  • Water pressure issue.
  • Multiple washing programmes are confusing & find difficult to handle.
Semi automatic washing machine advantages & disadvantages.
Semi Automatic Washing Machine Advantages.

B. Automatic Washing machine. 

The name itself describes this type of washing machine. Once started, they operate on their own & no manual intervention is required for them.

It saves a lot of time for family members & can attend to other tasks during the washing cycle.

You may set a time for washing & it will complete its task whether you are available at home or not. The main advantage is the many washing programs available. Delicate clothes can be washed with care by setting programs for them. 

Further, there are two types of automatic washing machines available in the market. 

1. Top Load Washing machine. 

These are the preferred washing machines in cities of India. You can add clothes from top. Hence, these are categaries as Top loading Washing machine.

The washing drum is placed vertically. It’s lightweight & compact size allows you to be placed in tight places.  One of the con’s is that the top loading washing machine consumes a high quantity of water. To soak all clothes, the drum is fully filled for each washing cycle.
We have included best top load automatic washing machine in below list.

Who should buy top load washing machine?

  • If you prefer convenience.
  • Budget is higher than semi automatic machin.
  • Water Supply not a problem at your home.
  • Space could be a concern due to size.

2. Front load washing machine.

In this type of machine, you can load laundry from the front side of machine. The drum is fitted horizontally to give a tumbling action to your clothes. This helps to avoid damage to your clothes.

These have advanced & the latest technology built in. The best front load washing machine offers up to 100 wash programs. Main advantage is they use less water compared to top Load automatic machines.

Who should buy front load washing machine?

  • Budget is no concern or higher.
  • Prefer best washing Quality.
  • Continuous Water Supply is available.
  • Environment sustainability is on priority.
  • Able to handle multiple washing programmes.

You will not find front load best washing machine under 20000 as their cost is higher due to their cutting-edge technologies.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine is measured in KG. Amount of the load it can handle during a washing cycle. You need to assess the average daily clothes for laundry to determine the capacity of the washing machine to buy.

It comes in a wide range of loads such as 6 kg to 12 kg. Follow the below chart to decide the capacity of the washing machine required for your home.

3. Energy efficiency:

This appliance consumes high electricity when operated.You need to check the energy efficiency before you make your final decision to save on electricity bills in the long term. Many energy-efficient washing machines are available to buy online.
The made-in-India products have BEE ratings from 1 to 5 stars. We end you to buy a 4 or 5-star-rated washing machine. It will cost you more at the initial stage but is worth making an investment. This helps in saving money on electricity while reducing the impact on the environment.

Check the below infographic for average power consumption with BEE ratings.

Important point to note that 5-star star-rated washing machines will consume less energy in comparison with others. However, below is the average consumption & depends on several factors such as kg load, water temp, program selected, etc.

BEE Star consumption for washing machine infograph.
Washing machine power consumption chart.

4. Noise Level:

One of the important factors but often neglected. Noise level refers to vibrations sound from the washing machine when operated. In our household, the washing machine is placed near the living or bedrooms.
The excessive noise can be a disturbance to the daily routine. When purchasing the best washing machine for home it is advisable to check the noise level along with other features.

It is recommended to look for inverter technology, good build quality and noise-reducing features.

Note – Top-load washing machines tend to be noisier than front-load washing machines.

5. Build Quality:

A washing machine is a one-time heavy and long-term investment for your family.

It is important to select a washing machine with high quality & durability. This ensures reliable performance & lower maintenance or repair costs for you in the coming years.  

We have given priority to build quality when selecting best washing machine under 20000 in India.

A. Material used for construction.

The material used greatly impacts the quality & durability of the washing machine. It is advisable to prefer a washing machine that uses high-quality materials. The majority of models use stainless steel but to make a cost-effective product some use plastic body.  It is recommended for you to give preference to stainless steel models for longevity & durability.

On top of this, washing machines with sturdy frames are less prone to damage during the shifting process. This point is highly important for families who lives on rent & have to shift on a regular basis.

B. Drum Material:

A drum is an important part of the washing cycle. It is in contact with clothes, water & detergent. The drums can be made up of a variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastic, or porcelain coated etc.
A drum of Stainless steel is preferred over others as it is durable and less likely to chip to crack. It provides a longer lifespan to your washing machine.

6. Water Consumption.

India is a water scarcity nation. Water supply is limited and available for only a few hours in some places. This becomes one of the important points to consider for water consumption before buying.

Hence, it becomes prudent to consider the washing cycle offered by the manufacturer. More washing cycles such as quick wash, and programs as per clothes will help to save water & reduce impact on the environment.  

See the below infographics to understand the amount of water consumed by each type of washing machine.  

Water consumption in washing machine.
Average Water Consumption of Washing Machines.

List of best washing machine under 20000 in India 2023

We’ve selected top-rated washing machines that offer better performance without breaking your pocket. Our research and analysis have identified the most reliable and feature-packed options, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

From energy-efficient models to those with cutting-edge technologies, we’ll help you make an informed decision to buy best washing machine under 20000 in India for your home.

Say goodbye to laundry hassles and discover the best washing machine for your needs within this budget-friendly range.

Here is the recommendation summary for you.

1. LG 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 7 Kg 5 Star Wind Jet Dry Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG has introduced one of the best semi-automatic washing machine models. The machine has 3 washing features Gentle, normal & strong.

You can use them as per your needs. Whether you have fewer clothes or a full load, it can handle easily with better performance.

It has 5-star rating which ensures low power consumption to keep your electricity bill in control.

LG has provided washing & drying functions with two separate tubs. The washing tub has many good features to help you. A collar scrub is provided to save you time. The lint collector ensures that collect lint comes off during washing. This helps to avoid clogging of water pipes over the period.

The high RPM in tub will ensure efficient drying for your laundry. Air circulation further assists in draining water faster which is of great help in the rainy season.

The company has claimed to use a 3 mm plastic cover with rat-repellent chemicals. This keeps rats away, damaging your machine.

Star Rating of 4.3/5 Star Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Main Features

Capacity – 7 Kilograms.
Special Feature – Wind Jet Dry, Collar Scrubber, Rat Away Technology, Rust Free Plastic Base.
Additional Features: Anti Vibration Rubber, Rust Free Plastic Base, Spin Window, Wash Window.


  • Powerful Dryer
  • Build Quality is good.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Good option for bachelor’s, family of 3
  • Budget friendly.


  • No wheels to shift places.

2. Samsung 8.5 kg, 5 star, Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung 8.5 kg, 5 star, Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung has introduced light in weight but beautiful designed for semi automatic washing machine in 8.5 kg category.

This has 5 start BEE rating which helps you to save money in long period & reduce impact on planet by reducing CO2 emission. The movement in washing machine define the cleaning process. This machine uses double storm system to create variable waves that can move clothes & rub to clean them efficiently.

It has a scrub board with fridges which further helps to enhance cleaning process.

The lint collector named as magic filter by Samsung. This collects lint, particles, pluff coming out during washing cycle to prevent any blockages. It’s super easy to detach & clean for next washing cycle.

Efficient drying is one of the best part for this washing machine. With it’s 1300 RPM & using Air Turbo Drying system it drains more water. During drying process High spin tub removes maximum water , while external air is circulated for faster drying. This does help for drying heavy clothes, blanket etc.

Every household face nuances from rats. This Samsung washing machine have smaller holes at bottom to prevent rat entering & damaging valuable equipment. All these makes it best semi automatic washing machine under 15000.

Star Rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Main Features –

Capacity – 8.5 kg with 5-star Energy rating.
Wash Programs – 4 Wash Programs, Heavy, Gentle, Delicates, Normal, Soak
Special Features: Rat Protection, Rust-proof Body, Caster Wheel


  • Good design.
  • User friendly for large families.
  • High RPM Dryer.


  • High Buzzer sound.

3. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung top load washing machine is the most budget-friendly option with good washing capability. Easy & convenient way to wash your clothes with its features.

It has a stylish design with rounded edges giving a good & modern look that resonates with your home décor.  

Samsung has given a diamond drum that does not damage your clothes during the washing cycle. Its LED control panel is easy to operate.

It has a capacity of 7 kg which can handle a sizeable amount of clothes for a family of 3-4 people.

The performance of the washing machine was very satisfactory with its easy-to-handle digital display. Diamond Durm provides thorough cleaning and removes dirty, stains while it remains gentle on clothes. The magic filter collects all lint, helping you to get lint-free laundry. It that can be easily detached & cleaned. It has incorporated the Waterfall technique gives a powerful & thorough rinse to clean up laundry

Samsung has provided various washing programs from gentle wash for delicate to heavy wash for dirties clothes. It can clean all types of laundry for you. It’s super easy to select the required washing program from the control panel with its customized setting options.

This washing machine comes with a delayed start to wash your clothes at a later time as per your time availability. Its quick mode helps to save time for a busy day. It should be considered as best 7kg washing machine in India.

The Turbo Air feature has improved drying, which dries clothes faster even during monsoon season. You would not observe high vibration or noise during its operation.

Star Rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Main Features –

Capacity – 7 Kg: Suitable for 3 – 4 Members family.
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive.
Wash Programs: Normal, Quick Wash, Soak+Normal | Delicates | Eco Tub Clean | Energy Saving | 6
Key Features : Child Lock | Diamond Drum | Magic Filter | Monsoon | Center Jet | Tempered Glass Window | 5 Levels


  • Good design & build quality.
  • User friendly, easy to operate.
  • 4 washing modes with required features.


  • Limited Motor warranty.

4.Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star StainWash Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-Built In Heater

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star StainWash Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-Built In Heater

This Whirlpool Top Load Washing machine is an excellent choice if you are looking for convenience with Comfort.

Company claims to wash 48 hours old & 50 tough stains with their washing system of Stainwash Pro.

The inbuilt Heater provides 3 modes to wash your clothes efficiently & removes dirt, allergens. It heats water to 3 different levels such as warm, hot, Allergen free as per your cloth needed.

Stainwash Pro capable of handling hard water to deliver optimum washing performance. You can say, this would be best washing machine for hard water in India.

It comes with 12 washing programs which gives you flexibility to chooses washing cycle for your laundry.

The impressive features is 6 th sense technology. It will surely optimize overall washing with this technology it optimizes overall washing performance. Resulting in increased productivity by adjusting washing variables.

Inbuilt sensors & algorithm detects load of the laundry & type of fabric to determine the water level, detergent quantity & cycle time to manage it efficiently. This care for your delicate Fabric & helps you minimize water, electricity usage.

The Spiro wash gives distinctive circular motion wash for a thorough cleaning.

Highlighted feature is ZPF – Zero pressure fill technology. This makes it best washing machine for low water pressure areas. If you experience low water pressure, then this is must buy for you.

Other important features included are auto tub clean, express wash which is similar to quick wash & delay wash to give you more convenient & flexibility. With these amazing features we can say that best washing machine top load under 20000.

Star Rating of 4.2/5 on Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Main Features –

Capacity: 7.5 Kilograms.
Cycle Options: Hard Water Wash, Aqua Reserve
Special Feature: Dishwasher Safe.


  • Good design.
  • In-built Heater.
  • ZPF technology.


  • Poor customer service in few areas.

5. LG 7.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

LG 7.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

LG has invested greatly in research & development of this product. It has a sleek design with better power saving.

It has replaced traditional motors with inverter technology motors. With this technology it eliminates in necessary operation & helps you save electricity on each laundry cycle. This surely reduces your energy consumption considerably & noise level as well.

Newly designed motor has fewer parts, compact & waterproof which helps to improve its durability. This will surely put less burden on your pocket in long term making it one of the top best washing machine in india.

To enhance the washing experience LG has introduced Turbo drum technology. The rotation of the drum & pulsator in the opposite direction gives better friction & removes dirt and stains. Washing performance is further enhanced by smart motion & strong water streams.

In build Jet spray washes of dirt & excessive detergent & don’t have to use your hand.

To give you best laundry experience, LG has offered 8 washing programs depending upon type of laundry. The shockproof digital display makes it easy selection of these programs as per your need.

You need not worry for repairs in case of any issue. Its smart diagnosis with LG app assists in auto diagnosis & connects you with customer service easily for an appointment.

It offers 700 rpm spin speed for faster drying & quickly dry your clothes.
Company offers 2 years warranty on product & 10 years warranty on motor which is great advantage.

On top of the above, it has a Safe & convenient door, Tub clean, Auto start, Standby power save etc. feature to make your washing more comfortable & hassle free. If your budget is limited, then this is best lg washing machine under 20000 for you.

Star Rating of 4.2/5 on Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Main Features –

Capacity – 7.5 Kg, best for large families with 5 star energy rating.
Wash Programs – 8 programs.
Special Features: Smart Inverter Technology, Smart Cleaning, Fuzzy mode, Standby Power Save,
Additional Features: Child Lock, Voltage Protection/Shock Proof, Protective Rat Mesh, Anti rust proof body, Smart Diagnosis, Cold Water inlet, Waterfall Circulation.


  • Energy Efficient & Durable.
  • Better washing with turbo drum.
  • Noiseless working.


  • Customer Service need improvement in few areas.

6. IFB 7.0 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

IFB is very well know brand. Their washing machine are known to give high quality cleaning & good power saving.

This IFB 7 KG 5 start fully automatic top load washing machine is no exception. You will get best wash quality with 7 kg capacity suitable for family of 4-5.
It comes with 5 star rating for energy saving to save on your hard earn money in long run.

IFB 7 kg washing machine comes with Aqua Energie filter to give you soft & clean clothes after each washing cycle.
This feature allows better dissolving of detergent & prevent colour fading of your clothes during daily wash.

Drum is made up of stainless steel with moon crescent design. This design coupled with scrub pads on pulsator provide good scrubbing effect to remove dirt’s from your clothes.
We noticed that many of customers mentioned that it does not remove oil & deep stain effectively.

With Triad pulsator machine provides vertical & horizontal movement of clothes give homogeneous soaking & swirl jets enhances washing of your clothes.
It has child lock feature to avoid any disturbance during laundry & keep you at ease when you have children in house.

This machine is equipped with inbuild Smart Sensor to gauge the load & auto imbalance of clothes. It adjusts water, detergent level according to load. This feature ensures to save a lot of money.

IFB is confident on their build quality. Hence, they provide Tri Shield protection which give you 4 years machine warranty, 10-year motor warranty & most importantly 10-year spare part warranty.

Main Features –

Capacity – 7 Kg, best for families of 4-5 & 5-star energy rating.
Wash Programs – 8 programs.
Special Features: Aua Energie, 3d wash system, Load sensing, Auto imbalance system.
Additional Features: Child Lock, Program memory backup, High low voltage protection,

Star Rating of 4.1/5 on Amazon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • 1. Easy to use & operate.
    2. Low sound during washing.
    3. Good Washing Quality.
    4. Good warranty & Customer support.


  • 1. No water heater.
    2. No advanced/hi-tech feature.

Frequently asked questions on best washing machine in India.

Which brand is best for washing machine in India?
There are many brands with low end to high end washing machines in India. Brands like LG, BOSCH, GODREJ, SAMSUNG, WHIRLPOOL are well known & trusted for their washing machines. You should be looking for brand that provide good after sale services in your location.

Which is better front load & top load washing machine?
If you compare on terms of energy efficiency, water consumption, programmes & durability, front load washing machine is clear winner. However, top load is better if budget or size concern.

Why Front load washing machine cost higher than top load washing machine?
Front load washing machines are advanced & more complex in terms of technology. It does have additional features compared to top load machines. Washing quality & low damage are added advantage makes it price higher.

What size of washing machine to buy for family of 4?
Capacity of washing machine depends on family size & no of apparels available for daily laundry. For family of 4 with low to medium size of apparel load, it is recommended to buy 6-7 kg capacity. If load is higher then you may go for 7-8 kg capacity.

Tips for better energy efficiency & higher performance of Washing machine.

  • To reduce energy bill, it is advisable to use normal water instead of hot water. This will help in saving electricity use to heat water.
  • Always full load washing machine to avoid multiple cycles for laundry & save electricity.
  • Do not overload machine which may cause damages.
  • For heavy clothes, advisable to pre-soak clothes for effective washing.
  • Use good quality detergent & required amount. Extra detergent leads to building up layer on wsahing drum. If possible, use liquid detergent.
  • After 30 -40 cycles drum cleaning is important to maintain high efficiency.
  • You may leave door open for some time to avoid odor.

Final Thoughts on best washing machine under 20000.

Our carefully curated list has presented a range of options for best washing machine under 20000 that balance affordability, performance, and innovation.

Whether you’re looking for a best top-loading or best semi automatic machine, energy efficiency, or smart features, our list has something for everyone.

If you are looking for Semi automatic washing machine, our recommendation would be Samsung 8.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine. In best top load washing machine, our recommendation would be Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Automatic Washing Machine considering its features under 20000 budget.

Happy washing!

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